Blog Entries

Stuff I write from time to time.
Using Roc for Advent of Code
on 🗓️ 🕒 ~4 minute read
Let's talk about Roc and AoC.
Spamtoberfest 2023
on 🗓️ 🕒 ~3 minute read
A rant on Hacktoberfest
Plankton Devlog #1
on 🗓️ 🕒 ~4 minute read
Trying to write my own programming language.
One Piece Live Action is perfect
on 🗓️ 🕒 ~4 minute read
Well that was unexpected..
My experience with password managers
on 🗓️ 🕒 ~3 minute read
Sharing my experiences with 3 different password managers and hating on LastPass
Using Zola to create my blog
on 🗓️ 🕒 ~5 minute read
An introduction to Zola and my experience so far.

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